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Q&A for 900 follower celebration!


Hii, in this post I'm just going to be answering questions people gave me in the comments <3 Hope you enjoy and let's get right into this Q&A :)

@writerqueen 1. What inspires you to write? 2. What is your fav color? 3. Do you like cats? 4. Why you join commaful? 5. What is your favorite food?

1. I get my inspiration from songs and nature.. it's like every time when one of my favorite songs come on I always get an idea from it or just being around nature in general :) 2. My favorite color is black🖤 3. Do I like cats? Yes I do :) 4. I joined Commaful because I wanted a website to post my poems and short stories :)

@writerqueen continued 5. Well I don't really have a favorite food but if there was a choice I would have to go with veggie pizza or avocado toast.

@shadowdream What inspires you to write? Who inspires you to write? If a genie granted you three wishes, what would you wish for(and it can't be for more wishes lol)?

1. I already answered this question already 2. Many people inspire me to write.. family, friends, and so much more :) 3. My three wishes would be.. .Meeting my online best friends .Stopping covid completely .becoming a famous writer

@jiminsjam What is your favourite genre of music? 2. Any genre you want to write ? 3. Dream place you want to visit? 4. Who is your inspiration ? 5. What is your biggest fear and why ?

1. My favorite genre of music is mainly pop music... hopefully someday I will post my updated song playlist for everyone :) 2. I would love to write horror but probably not anytime soon 3. My dream place I would love to visit is California 4. My inspiration are some people on Commaful

Continued: 5. Hmm.. my biggest fear is Arachnophobia.. fear of spiders

@cindywindy654 1. Favourite animal 2. Milk or cereal first ? 3. Cats or dogs ? 4. Favourite book

1. My favorite animal is a horse 2. Cereal 3. Cats 4. My favorite book is unfriended.. it's mainly about this high school girl who gets betrayed by her friends or something like that.. I read it a long time ago so I really don't remember xD

@pink_rose Why do you have to be so perfect? How do you write so well? What do you like writing more?(Poetry or stories)

1. Aww I'm not perfect but thanks for thinking that.. it really made my day better💖🥺 2. Well.. I write well because.. there was this writing class I took and it made me a better writer. 3. I love writing poems more :)

Hope you all enjoyed. Have a nice day or night and remember to stay amazing no matter what. I love you all Royalty babes

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