Don't hide~

Don't hide~ silver stories

queenkammie One day you'll realize how much I cared~
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I'm finally coming out as pansexual

Don't hide~

I hide everyday knowing they won't accept me for who I really am

People always say follow your dreams and you will be successful no matter what I've wanted to say this for a while now but I can't get my mouth to say it

The silver lining in my heart tells me to take a deep breath and everything will be fine but how when I been hiding my whole life?

they probably will never have guessed that I like other genders of people which is kinda a tough decision to make, but I found out this was the right choice for me

As a girl like me I should find myself in a boy but I found myself not only in a boy but many other genders as well it makes me smile more than I ever did in a while

I'm now realizing that.. I'm pansexual.. the only person I have told is my boy bestie..and since I'm writing this.. you guys on Commaful know as well.. Anyways I hope you all have an amazing day or night and remember to stay amazing no matter what

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