Fake It Till You Make It
Fake It Till You Make It free verse stories

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Another poem! I usually do only write poetry. My poetry is usually pretty different than normal poetry, and is kinda like free verse, but this one is more of a rant.


Fake It Till You Make It

{trigger warning}

"You just gotta fake it till you make it."

To be honest I hate this quote.

It is telling people that it is okay to pretend that they don't have a problem.

It is telling people that they can't make it on their own without pretending to be someone who they aren't.

This quote is saying to hide what is going on until things get better.

So, you would say this to the person in the abusive relationship:

Just pretend that your partner isn't beating the shit out of you every night.

Or they aren't degrading you into self loathing.

Or that they aren't destroying your mental state with threatening that they will kill themselves or you if you leave.

So, you would say this to the kid suffering from depression:

Just hide those cuts on your wrist and paste on a happy face until you actually feel happy.

So, you would say this to the kid suffering from an eating disorder:

Just don't look into a mirror until you feel like you can actually love yourself.

This quote is saying that we need to forget our problems and not talk about them because it might make the people around us uncomfortable.

Or that it isn't okay to have the problems that we have.

This quote is degrading and sending a horrible message.

This quote is basically saying what was said about the abusive relationship, mental illness, and eating disorders.


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