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queeniebeanie ♤charlie jane lancaster♤
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A poem called Colorado. It was meant for myself and others who have fallen in love and lost.



Love yourself enough to let go.

Love yourself enough to acknowledge that you are, irrefutably, undoubtedly - painfully, in love with them and let them go.

What's meant to be will be but you cannot fight a two-person battle alone and I know you want to - I know your heart is bellowing at you to pick up that second sword, goddamnit, and fight but you cannot be expected to give more than you have only to receive half measures in return.

Love yourself enough to cry.


Heave until there is nothing left and heave more.

Scream at how goddamn fucking unfair it is.

How one person can be so utterly, hopelessly in love with another soul and not have it be returned.


Take a shuddering inhale.

Wish you could stop breathing altogether - question if you're being over dramatic and I promise love, you aren't.

Life is painful and your pain is valid.

You are valid and you are loved and I don't fucking know if there's someone for everyone but goddamnit I'll drag your other half here kicking and screaming if I have to.

Love yourself enough to let go.

Love yourself enough to move on.

Love yourself enough to grow.

Because you are perfect and this world is better with you in it.

Because you are the reason someone smiles. you are the sun in their life, the stars in their eyes, the lightness in their step.

Because you are enough.

You always have been.


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