To Know Me Is To Love Me In And Out Of Time
To Know Me Is To Love Me In And Out Of Time lover stories

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The poetic notion of infinity is far greater than that which is sponsored by any creed.

Joseph Brodsky

To Know Me Is To Love Me In And Out Of Time

I close my eyes as my soul time travels

Reaching the astral plane of the hereafter

A conducent reign as a bestowed Queen

My flawless melanin speaking of such greatness

Bowing until the likeness of a celestial King

The phantom of my eyes submitting unto the fate of another

Skin so soft to touch, as if stroking the petals of a rose

Lips tasting of the finest berries

Within the taste, its sweetness fit for a Goddess

In your strong arms paradise, we escaped

The sentiment of yearning sensations we called out to the Heavens

Surrendering in the rapture we created

The silken entrapment of bliss we crested

Inscribing passion among the canvass of each other's skin

We draw upon the silken rainfalls with each breath we take

Sinking deeper into the depth of each other's soul we entwined

Tender whispers merged as our bodies beautifully blend

Infinity we felt in the pulsate of each touch

Blind emotions in our hearts we imagined

The muse of our bodies we give unto its ecstasy

Blessed be the glory of its soulful desires

Slow dancing in perfect harmony our temples crave

In the peak of its eruption we steadily fall

Palms we clench, lips we bind, moans we cry out unto

Caress me in the silhouette of henceforth

In the shadow of the night

When I lose my way

Your passion enlightens my path

It smiles down on me, it guides me, it keeps me

To Know Me Is To Love Me In And Out Of Time

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