Shadows Of The Night
Shadows Of The Night love stories

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Words are mere shadows cast by ideas. But the ideas they represent are real.

Roy H. Williams

Shadows Of The Night

Comfort thy head on my bosom, lay upon your desires unto me

My beautiful dalliance I arch, invitational in its suppleness for your eyes to see

Your mind to feast, your tongue to savor in the swallow of the appease

Tender caresses of time you partake, eyes closed as you bathe in the abyss of my soft inner mysterious

Empty awaited arms, I shall come unto, the wishes of my temple, entwined fate shall adorn

Skin of silken desires, coveting your elongation in the cocoon of my warmth

The cascade of its bestowed sanctuary, yet, soaked from my rainstorms

Hips swaying, feline eyes, hypnotic

Gyrating for the hunger you crave, an enticement from off your naughty wish list

Weakening you from the way you're licking those lips

My silhouette shading off the walls, shadowing my carnal offering illuminated off the flickering candlewicks

Mesmerizing you in the seductive trance of my ritual dance

Hushed mummers echoing in the peak of a precarious romance

You steal my breath away, from the cadence felt of such lingering bliss

The direction of Cupid's arrow did not miss

Two souls connected, shh... can you feel it, can you hear the heartbeats of its gentle reminisce

My soul laid bared, a gentle sailing inside my butter rum abyss

Rapture linking around the stature of Ecstasy, softly kissing the honeyed dew of Destiny's lips

Passion laid at the crown of your feet

Streaks of desires continue to roam, famished in the absence of the greet

Is this the future or the fortune to build sandcastles of love

Proclaimed in the act of intuition as it descends from above

The parody of solemn emotions overcast

A beautiful current of utterances to swim in, would they, could they ever last

What am I doing here to yearn for the taste of such blind Heavenly needs

The hands of midnight's lucid pleasure that deems to please, tease, brings me to my knees

Can you set my mind on a cloud where my spirit floats free

Two attuned minds, heartfelt elegies, such memorizing sentiments I give of me unto you

Bathe me with your raw emotions in silence, which comes with the enticing, woo

The pulse of intellectual musing, bodies sinking in its passionate engulfing flow

Effortlessly felt as the soft winds blow

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