(The Train)
(The Train) train stories

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What would it be like to board a train thats destination is nowhere?

(The Train)

My eyes are closed

the window is open

the wind is is sharp and cold

the seat under me is very old

it might have once been comfortable

but now it is hard as stone

with one open-eyed glance I look at those around me

wondering about their journey

and what led them here

on the train ride to nowhere

As if they feel my eyes they turn to access me also

but no words they say

because it is all in their gaze

some wonder the same as I why I am here

what led me to

the train ride to nowhere

others have sharp words

ones harsh with questions

wanting me off, to look away

not wanting me to know about what they hideaway

no one knows about the ghosts

that ride, that drive this train

the ghosts of me,

ghosts of you

the ones here to remind

what you left behind

when you boarded the train ride to nowhere

who knows how long we sat, questioning the pain of one another

after a while, I look away

unable to wonder anymore

I go back to the window

to the others, I turn away

not able to carry the weight of their gaze

outside the window I notice the rain

tinging, bouncing, pounding away

once again I close my eyes

and settle in for a long ride

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