You Insignificant Jester
You Insignificant Jester poetry stories

qimagine Heart beats in prose, speaks with rhythm
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I will not fear evil, and I will go towards my dream. No matter how bad you want to hurt me, I will not shy away from my strive. You insignificant jester.

You Insignificant Jester

I love that you always come back, like the haunting you are,

Like the nightmare awaiting my future only to break the house of love I built,

I shame you, I pity you, and I hope you learn from the mistakes of your pain,

I am no jester to stroke your ego, nor am I a peasant to look down upon.

Do you not see my crown?

Each diamond and each ruby,

Do you not feel my strength? My roar that keeps your hatred weakening.

Do you not know who I am? I am might and I am strength.

And my power will not weaken with each one of your careless threat.

You insignificant jester, you fool. I cannot wait to be rid of you,

I cannot wait til you see me, And I cannot wait for my destiny.

I damn your hatred to the ground, hoping it will never rise out of the shadows.

You are an embarrassment, and I hope you realize it before humiliation becomes your crown.

You insignificant jester.

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