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On a white horse, we will ride towards the beauty in life.

White Horse

I see it’s magestic beauty,

as I find it’s presence soothing.

I know I’m not crazy to believe,

in miracles,

in love

and peace happening.

And while I ride on my white horse,

and we ride on our infallible course,

through the obstacles in life,

through the pain

and the strife.

Hate is hate,

and it did try

but me and my horse will simply ride,

past the woes, we will rise,

towards the beauty in the sky,

and we’ll find the loving vibe.

Through mistakes, we always strive,

Through the lows, our heads are high,

as we gaze at the beauty in the sky,

in order to find the loving vibe.

Maybe then, we’ll see the true high..

and we will fly.

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