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qimagine Heart beats in prose, speaks with rhythm
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COLLAB with the talented Hristijan (@paradise) loved working with you and I hope you like final project! 🔥

What is Love?

What is Love? By:

What is Love? By: Q.Imagine

What is Love? By: Q.Imagine &

What is Love? By: Q.Imagine & Hristijan

I dream big so I can see the stars,

I dream of love so I can feel it from afar,

But What is Love?

If more than a first kiss,

If more than holding hands,

and letting go

knowing they’ll be missed.

Well love is going to the movies,

and making sure your loved one gets a better seat.

Love is when you look into their eyes,

and feel the souls meet.

Love is when you share food with your loved one,

even though you are hungry,

and love is when you do silly things,

just to seem funny.

Love is not just a word,

Love is something to be felt,

Love is when the conversation flows,

and you don’t need the internet for help.

Love is in the late night calls,

the cute messages,

and emojis.

Love is when you lose track of time,

because your thoughts on them are roaming.

Love is even here,

if you can see it,

Love is endless

if you believe in it,

Love is Christmas

and New Years Day,

Love is living..

until the breath strays away.

Love is bliss,

Love heals pain,

And then we fade

into the sun,

only to find again...

What is Love?

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