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We are truly fighting ourselves....✌️

The Epic Battle

When will we open our eyes to the true lies that we believe,

that hidden within our minds lies the real eyes that we deceive.

Where do we place our worth, our values?

Is it on us

Is it on us or the earth?

To believe the lies that we are separate

yet live in Gaia’s girth.

As above

As above so below,

As in time

As in time we may know.

When we find what truly lies

in the lies that jewels provide

We will see what we’re fighting inside

since the devil doesn’t like to hide.

Since what is money

Since what is money but the same thing we use to clean our self.

What’s a diamond but a value

though it cannot cure our health.

Our souls scream for help yet we chase,

Our souls scream for help yet we chase, and chase

Our souls scream for help yet we chase, and chase the gold.

Obtaining all the riches while society’s getting old.

What’s a human without a soul?

To love another and devalue the control.

Since what is life without the air?

Maybe one day we will care.

Maybe that one day is today.

To open our eyes and heed the cries at bay.


We are

We are truly

We are truly fighting

We are truly fighting ourselves.


And we

And we create

And we create our

And we create our heaven

And we create our heaven and

And we create our heaven and hell

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