The Dance
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qimagine Heart beats in prose, speaks with rhythm
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In the hardest and best of times, love is my guide ❤️

The Dance

I dance to these words, as if my body only sways to the rhythm of your heart.

Love me, Love me,

Hold me close, as if we never dance apart.

We dance and dance to the melody of our love,

We dance, we dance, and dance until our souls lift up,

And I feel your love on me, the passion only silences my speech,

As you lay your gifts on me, with each caress, and each touch, I leap,

I fly,

I find myself in sky,

Our dance is so beautiful it can make an angel cry,

As we dance and dance, to heavens guide.

We dance, and dance, and dance all night.

Your love, your grace, only strengthens my breath.

As we dance, and dance,

And dance till no end.

We dance, and dance, and I feel the sky,

I never felt so high,

until we danced.

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