Take it
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qimagine Heart beats in prose, speaks with rhythm
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The take, sometimes, feels like it’s never gonna go away.

Take it

You want to take it all and only leave me in dismay,

I know you want it to, because I can feel it everyday,

Take it to fill your cup, take my life, take my pride,

Take my dignity, take my dream, take these tears out of my eyes.

Take everything that I have and anything I hold dear,

If these words could speak to your ear, because my voice you cannot hear,

Because my silence is the only thing you crave from me,

Because you take to the point where I can’t even breath,

I have nothing else. There’s nothing left for me.

And you don’t even care, your laughter is all I heed,

The mockery, of an individual so consumed with greed.

The saddest thing I could ever see,

You took everything, you bled me empty and still needed more from me.

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