Never Lose Sight
Never Lose 
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qimagine Heart beats in prose, speaks with rhythm
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I’ll never lose sight of me.

Never Lose Sight

Know your truth, truth is fate,

Without the love of love, it can dim and turn to hate,

I’m living in a space where my love feels out of place,

where my love feels like a mistake,

I don’t know why I feel this way,

But I gotta leave, this feels like a soul connection,

I feel like God touched down and finished perfection,

The alignment to who I am was made in different dimensions,

As I breathe in the light, maybe now I can open my eye,

maybe now, I don’t fear the dark, maybe leaving is just that smart,

Why would I stay here? In a land of fear, I think I played my part,

The sleep needed an example, a truth they cannot handle,

Waisting your time for the almighty dollar, when the devil gives you your answer,

Live in a dream, Don’t let these fools lie to your esteem,

All I needed was time but time was already with me,

I have what I need, To live free,

I have everything that I need, that insult was the deed,

And all I needed was to believe in the dream,

Never lose sight of the true me,

An infinite being.

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