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3 years: 1 book, 2 screenplays, 1 novelette, 2 essays, 1 flash fiction, numerous amounts of poems. I can’t love a lie.

I can’t love a lie,

In the darkest of times come the shining moments,

Of deciding which path do I take on this road,

Do I wander into my fears and chase my own practical tears?

Or do I strive for the impossible and figure out what my soul knows?

What lies behind the veil of existence?

What speaks to me even when I don’t want to listen?

Is it insanity to be bold and follow a fantasy?

Or should I come down to earth and follow insanity?

I don’t know what path to take,

I hardly know what decision to make,

All I know is that I can’t be fake,

And make this 9-5 my fate.

When my mind is forever in the stars,

And I only write to bring down what I see,

So I can share with the world, people near and far,

And lose all control in a fantasy.

I can’t love a lie.

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