Come Out, Stand Out
Come Out, Stand Out lesbian stories

qimagine Heart beats in prose, speaks with rhythm
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Love always prevails, even in the darkest nights. Shout Out to LGBTQIA and allies. Anyone who loves love. Happy National Coming Out Day!!

Come Out, Stand Out

Pride is in my heart every time I can save myself from this constant fear,

Of living in my past where I hid and shunned one of the best aspects of me...


That one part of myself that makes me shine like the gold coins at the end of my prideful rainbow.

That one part of me that makes me feel beautiful and loved.

I am the L in a long line of lineage, extending back to the dark ages where women had to conform to survive.

But not anymore..

Not ever again..

Love will and did prevail.

And my soul lifts up and glides on this rainbow, fearing nothing and loving everything about being me.

Being gay. Being a lesbian. Simply being beautiful me.

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