Can I take love?
Can I take love? lo ve stories

qimagine Heart beats in prose, speaks with rhythm
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Hoping to feel love again and I can let it seeps through the cracks of the wall blocking my heart.

Can I take love?

When you’re so used to hurt, you become acquainted with pain.

It greets you in the morning and checks up on you in and out of the day,

Finding bits of happiness but knowing it’s going to go away,

Because throughout the day and everyday, the painful past always gets in the way.

I hope one day, love and happiness can be mine and can stay,

But the more I want to hold on to it, the likely I’ll feel it fade.

And I know one day, someday, and I feel it from up above,

Is I know I can take pain, but the question is, can I take love?

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