Can I breath?
Can I 
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qimagine Heart beats in prose, speaks with rhythm
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The magic of love, sometimes felt in the heart before it touches the skin

Can I breath?

Can I breath without you? If the sight of your love, leaving, won’t wisp it away,

Your love for me, burns to the point of yearning,

I hope and I pray,

To fall on your gaze one day,

For our eyes to meet like our souls have, long ago,

Before our light took on flesh,

Before we knew what we now know,

I feel you, and you cursed me,

With a sickness only you can cure,

To indulge in you,

Feel me,

I need to lose all control,

Or do you even know how magic feels?

Without our embrace, my spiritual escape,

Come away with me, my beautiful dancer,

Bring me to my knees,

So I can rise again.

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