The Bench Beside Me
The Bench Beside Me  feelings stories

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"As sad as the scene was I was grateful because everyone deserves to receive a bouquet of flowers"

The Bench Beside Me


The cold melted milky substance plopped onto the crushed burger box. The cone followed a second later. The melted ice-cream seeping to my bottom.

What rubbish is this??

The people who visited around here wasted too much. They didn't know how to appreciate.

It had become custom for me to be filled with half eaten hotdogs, an almost full ice cream cone, a quarter sandwich, the food goes on.

They didn't know that everything they throw out became a menu for the people who live here. The people who take time to go through me. The people who sleep on the bench beside me.

It was hot out, the sun beating down on my green plastic body and although I hate people wasting, I was also kind of thankful. The ice cream cooled me down some.

The perfume it wears after a while is something I don't like however. I could hardly wait for the next day. Trash out Thursday!

Morning light peeked through the clouds announcing the arrival of a new day. The sky darker than usual, thunder rumbling in the distance. Today was going to be a good day.

It was going to rain and it had been three weeks since I'd last taken a shower. Add the fact that it was recycling day. Today was going to be great.

It was later that day, I was freshly cleaned out. No candy wrappers, no pizza and burger boxes, no milkshake cups, no sticky stuff, nothing. The best feeling.

When the boy with a blue hoodie sat at the bench beside me. The droplets falling picked up from a light drizzle making me wonder what was he doing out.

He surprised me by suddenly standing up and throwing the bouquet of beautiful roses he had been holding.

His eyes told a painful story. One that I wish I could listen to. I wanted to know who were the flowers originally meant for. Who had made them come to me instead. So I could say thank you.

As sad as the scene were, and even though the roses weren't meant for me, I was happy, grateful.

It was the first time in forever that the scent that surrounded me was something pleasant.

Garbage bins need to receive flowers too once in a while.

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