Jesus.....(Beanie boo fanfiction)
Jesus.....(Beanie boo fanfiction) son stories

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Kagamine Rin

By: Kagamine Rin

Jesus.....(Beanie boo fanfiction)

by Kagamine Rin

Ty Warner sat In a chair petting his cat Pearl and staring at his computer on his desk.

His golden retriever barked outside and scraped at the back door making a really bad noise that made Ty cringe.

He tapped at his computers power button and pearl jumped off his lap.

He drank his coffee and stared at the time: 5:33.

The usual time his co-worker Steve called him on that day of the year for that months beanie Babys' designs.

Ty had hired 500,000,000,000,000,000 different people in the last 3 years from all over the world too make designs for the newest beanie babies and other lines of toys he had.

Only 474,848,584,939,485,848,448% of the work got done in those years of: 2,939,393,933,939,383,838,383,837,337,373,737%.

Which was a lot of: 2,939,393,933,939,383,838,383,837,337,373,737%, but still wasn't enough.

As Steve called him, Ty had sent Steve the designs he had received and they had there usual 60 minute conversation and then when they were done, as Ty went too bed, his phone got a notification.

It was from Kagamine Rin, in Tokyo Japan, it was a tiny elephant with big eyes and it was so cute.

Ty loved it so much that he made it into it's own line of toys: Beanie Boos!!!!

The elephant, Peanut was retired first because he had gotten the request from the Kagamine for him to make different versions of Peanut.

She even said that Peanut, Was her Son

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