Hooked (beanie boo fanfiction)
Hooked (beanie boo fanfiction) hook stories

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By: Zoe Pydynkowsky Perez

Hooked (beanie boo fanfiction)

by Zoe Pydynkowsky Perez

There once was a pirate ship, with 5 pirates; The Captain: Tala, Her assistant: Whiskers, Tala's Dog: Speckles, The Fisher: Chloe, and her sister: Georgia.

They had stopped for the night and all gone too bed but Chloe and Speckles.

Chloe put the anchor in the water AND sat on the edge of the boat with her fishing rod and string, but she had taken the hook off.

Specks (short for Speckles) came up the stairs from the bottom sack and opened the door with his paws, he had Tala's hook in his mouth that he stole and dropped it behind Chloe.

Chloe looked behind her and picked up the hook, Specks joined her on the side of the ship and Chloe attached a WORM to the hook; and attached the hook too the string, then she went fishing,

watching the sun set.

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