Chicken (Beanie Boo Fanfiction)
Chicken (Beanie Boo Fanfiction) chicken stories
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pydynkowsky I absolutely LOVE making Fanfiction!!!!
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A chicken named BlackBerry

By: Zöe Pydynkowsky

Chicken (Beanie Boo Fanfiction)

by Zöe Pydynkowsky

Tabitha walked down her front steps on the house she lived in in her neighborhood. She was on her Instagram texting her best friend Lola.

Tabitha: I can't wait too see you on the farm!!!

Lola: I know right!!!! I'm so excited too show you around!!! Your gonna love this visit!

Tabitha was only 14 and Lola 13 and it was fall break. Her Best friend Lola had moved out of Deer creek here in Edmond last fall break and Tabitha Finnally gets too go see Lola in Texas.


As soon as Tabitha and her mom got too the farm she raced out the car and across the very long field and in the middle where she met Lola!!!!

"I missed you so much!!!" Lola said as the hugged

"Same!!" Tabitha said.

Tabitha felt a tap on her leg and she turned around and bent down to pick up a Chicken.

"That's BlackBerry our Chicken" Lola said as Tabitha pet BlackBerry.


As fall break ended Tabitha got too spend the day with BlackBerry and Lola.

They played in there pool and went into there forest and picked blackberries with BlackBerry until Tabitha had too go.

"I'll miss you" Lola said, hugging Tabitha and BlackBerry.

"Me too!!!" Tabitha said.

"Hey" Lola said handing Tabitha' BlackBerry," since you have enough room, take her with you, and bring her back next year!!!"


After that day, BlackBerry the Chicken lived with Tabitha, until next Autumn

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