Letter to my future love
Letter to my future love kindafunny stories

purposeoflife Just a girl seeking comfort in words
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Totally not serious, funny love letter, just for fun...

Letter to my future love

by purposeoflife

To my future love,

Have we met yet?

Are you that cute guy who always smile at me at school?

Are you that annoying guy who likes to make me blush?

Are you that mysterious guy who turns his head everytime I walk by?

Are you that popular guy who never notices me?

Are you the best friend who's always here for me?

Or are you the guy I am going to meet the second I finish writing?

No matter who you are, I just want you to know

I love hard, I fall hard

I am not going to let you go so easily when I finally have you

Even though it my be hard, I will never give up on us

Because I have waited long enough

It's time for me to love you fully

So I'm going to love you like I've never loved anyone before

I'm going to shower you with love, with kisses, with care

Because you deserve it

So please be my future love

So that I can finally spoil you

Lots of love,

Your soon-to-be love

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