05-14 report on latest interaction of SCP-735 Created by Dr. Gold. 05-14
05-14 report on latest interaction of SCP-735

Created by Dr. Gold. 05-14 scp stories

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This is a report I have created on SCP-735. Needless to say, I will redact the cursing.

05-14 report on latest interaction of SCP-735 Created by Dr. Gold. 05-14

Warning- Only authorized personnel may enter this file. This includes: 05 Council members Personnel with level 4 Security clearance

If you did not have the proper security clearance, you have already been located. Within the next 24 hours a truck, helicopter or plane will drop off MTF forces at your location. When this happens, leave your screen on this report, place your hands behind your head, and wait for arrest. Failure to do this will result in your termination.

Scanning............ Scan complete. Welcome Authorized Foundation Member. Beginning transmission.

Hello to anyone that reads this. I am Dr. Gold. 05 Council member and Leader of MTF Alpha-9 (AKA "Last Hope") This is my first text report that was authorized by a majority vote that allows me to go into different sites undercover as a personnel with Level 3 clearance. I then write reports on requested SCPs from you. However.....a Keter class will be rare due to how dangerous they are.

Now you may say that there are only 13 05 members. However, I was only recently assigned to the 05 council. Nobody was informed on my promotion. You could say that I don't actually exist anymore. But I'm getting off topic. Let's begin the report. Just a heads up, this is Day 1 out of 2 of this report. And it gets personal, FAST.

SCP-735 report of interview Object class- Euclid Interview conducted by Dr. Gold. -Sending text transcript of day 1- -Data received-

Dr. Gold: (enters room, closing the door behind him) This is not going to end well for me. (sighs and taps SCP-735 once) Hello 735. SCP-735: (wakes and groans) What the....? Who the (REDACTED) are you? You're new for sure. Dr. Gold: From you abilities, you should know who I am.

(To keep the whole project going, researchers are ordered by guards to leave the room.) SCP-735: I was just (REDACTED) with you. I know who you (REDACTED) are. Does it feel nice? Lying to everyone that works for your stupid (REDACTED) Dr. Gold: (showing no sign of distress) I have no time for emotional attachments.

Even you should know that 735. SCP-735: I call (REDACTED) on that. How about that small black kitten in your bag right now? (a meow is heard in the background) Dr. Gold: You have no right to bring Midnight into this.

SCP-735: Midnight? What the (REDACTED) kind of name is that? Dr. Gold: I always wanted a cat named Midnight. I don't remember why, I just did. SCP-735: Listen, (REDACTED) I don't give a rats (REDACTED) about your cat. Dr Gold: Then don't speak about her.

SCP-735: How about we talk about you then you (REDACTED) freak? Dr. Gold: (visibly agitated) Never speak to me like that. SCP-735: You can't do (REDACTED) about it you (REDACTED) (REDACTED) Dr. Gold: (attempts to calm self down) Stay calm...stay calm..

SCP-735: You? Calm? HA! the last time you got this angry, you shot a D-Class in the leg. You didn't even give him medical attention. You are such an as-(REDACTED). But you know that. Dr. Gold: I'll be right back! (storms out)

-40 minutes later- (Dr. Gold walks back in with what appears to be a .50 BMG rifle without a scope attached to it) Dr. Gold: (slams fist down on SCP-735) Wake the (REDACTED) up! SCP-735: Now what do you want you piece of (REDACTED)?

(Dr. Gold cocks the gun and points it at SCP-735) Dr. Gold: I wanted to do this! (Dr. Gold fires the gun at SCP-735 at point blank range, blowing both against a wall) SCP-735: (Laughing at him) What the (REDACTED) was that?! A pathetic raindrop!? (Dr. Gold at this point, lost it)

Dr. Gold: (ENTIRE STATEMENT REDACTED DUE TO IT ALL BEING EXPLETIVE) (Dr. Gold continues to shoot and beat on SCP-735 until Security Guards hear everything from the hallway and rush in. After they witness the scene, they detain Dr. Gold and remove him from the cell) Dr. Gold: GET YOUR (REDACTED) HANDS OFF ME!!!

As you can see.....I....have quite the temper.......I try to control this...but nothing works. I will convince the other 05 members to allow me to post Day 2 of the interview where I actually make a bit of progress attempting to suppress my rage. For now, that is all I have for today. I would like some suggestions on what SCP to do after Day 2 of this report. Any SCP will be reviewed...but again, Keter class will be a rare

treat due to how dangerous they are. This is Dr. Gold signing out. -End of transmission-

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