Listen, listen numbly. This, this is for you.
Listen, listen numbly.

This, this is for you.

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purplejournal Destiny Felinah!
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My dreams

Listen, listen numbly. This, this is for you.

There she was sitting on a brick bench cheeks as cold as the sunrise mind as steady as a turnado. Body trying to forget it's strength. Unable to see what's afar, she lost her glasses.

There he was One time in the morning walking pass. One time in the evening staring pass. One time next to the bench. Can I have a sit?

Somedays you can never feel so free. Somedays you not afraid to be vulnerable. Tell me darling, which was today?

Left for me I knew what I felt But you, you I'm not sure of. Again, sometimes I ask myself If you ever ever saw what the others could not see

I was sure in the unknown Calm in my doubt Smiled in the cold Scared to say goodnight New in my joy Ran back home screaming off the happiness my soul found contagious. Grin as chocolate

You know this was wierd for me. But stalking your social was un poco loco. I roamed your page on your birthday. Darling I'm sorry I couldn't say anything.

Scared to get close because I knew from the first day that you were magic.

Here we are... You standing with a goddess Me with my purple glasses Now I can see from afar I can see you look at her. I see you watch me walk pass And I, I played along I wore a smile on my face and walked away. Ignoring the emotions I learnt to bottle up.

Hey darling, ....

It's raining outside I might find the one soon. Maybe I deserve better Maybe I deserve more Hey......

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