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By purplejewel21 Voices in my head


By purplejewel21

Voices in my head

Tell me I'm diffrent

Am I

The light never shines on me

It gives up

I look up to heaven

And it stands away

I want to be like jesus or god

No I want to be with them

When I pray no one answers

They give up hope

They give up hope They leave me astray

Everyone sees me as the person crying for no reason

But on the inside I'm dying

I'm not the same anymore

People have brought me down

No one asks what's wrong

They laugh

No one knows how it feels to be me

Everyday looking at the white Mark's on my body

Wishing that they'd go away

Wishing I could be normal

Everyone gives up on me

All the freinds I had in the first place

Went away

Now the voices in my head

Dont make me just cry

Dont make me cry

They make me scream

Soon they'll take over

Once that day comes

There will be no goodbyes

Just cries

I'll leave a note

But no one will forgive me

I wish these voices will leave

But they wont until their done

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