The yearly death
The yearly death 
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Chapter 1 Hello, I know what you're doing right now it might seem creepy but that's what i'm here for.

The yearly death

Chapter 1

Hello, I know what you're doing right now it might seem creepy but that's what i'm here for.

Just so you can get to know me I'm Abigail my sister died in front of me when i was 5 because I killed her my self but i didn't know what i was doing but all i know is I did it.

My father died when i was 9. My sister came home after i stabbed her and killed him then didn't come back home again.

My mom left home but never came back, all I know was that I was drenched in blood in my bed. I thought it was my mom's blood, but I soon realized that it was mine.

Chapter 2

AHHHHHHHH I screamed my little brother was in the living room and ran upstairs to my room. He's only one year younger than me but he's really strong he picked me up and ran out to the car.

He's only 10,but he drove me as fast as he could and got to the hospital just before I died . He saved my life so I thought I had to protect him with my life.

He drove me back and he almost got hit by a Semitruck I screamed stop and he stopped right in time. The semitruck skimmed the car and drove off the bridge.

Chapter 3

My mom surprisingly just came back and told me that we've been haunted for years now and now we can't get out of the house until they leave. Mom? Until who leaves? Them, until they leave.

WHO?MOM YOU'RE SCARING ME!!! I have to go sweetie. NO YOU AREN'T GOING!!!!!!!! The door shut and she was gone. I drove behind her then a semitruck hit her and fell off the bridge.

Chapter 4

I watched the car hit the water almost like it was slow motion my heart sank. She was gone after her being there for me she was gone.

I had to tell my brother that she's gone then i saw a note it said "I'll be back" in blood

I took the long way home and never went on the bridge again.

Chapter 5

I heard screaming and crying it was my brother hovering over me when i opened my eyes there was blood everywhere then i realized that he stabbed me with a knife his eyes were red and I told

him to fight it...but then he turned into a devil I lost him then...


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