I wish I could tell her
I wish I could tell her lgbtq stories

purplejewel21 Me when its Monday 😑😑😑
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Alice's POV ..............

I wish I could tell her

Alice's POV


I was with my best freind kate and I saw her when she talked to me something happened like idk what but she looked different in my eyes. She ran.

She got bullied by lily a sweet girl and I wanted to help but I was her freind. I wanted to tell her my secret but I just couldnt I wish I could tell her.

Kate's POV


I was talking with Alice then I saw her. I ran I texted Alice

Kate not today

Alice lol

I saw her face I wanted to ask if she was ok she looked like she was thinking about something so I texted her.

Kate are you ok

Alice yeah

Kate are u sure

Alice yeah...

Alice I need to talk to you

Kate hold on I

Kate gtg



Alice's POV


I texted her

Alice kate u awake

Kate uwaj

I could tell she just woke up

Alice I can tell u just got up

Kate yesh

Alice go back to bed then

Kate kk

Kate ok im awake

Alice you were asleep for

Alice 30 MINUTES

Kate yeah doesnt take much

Alice can we talk

Kate sure

Alice I'm... (DRAFT)

Kate Sry gtg

Ugh not again why cant I just let it out ugh

Kate's POV


I felt bad my dad kept calling me telling me I had to go to the doctor now I texted her

Kate ok I'm done

Alice thank goodness

Kate ok so what did you want to tell me

Alice ummmm

Kate what

Alice idk if I can

Kate you can tell me anything

Alice are you sure

Kate yeah anything

Kate I'm waiting



Kate hello Alice



Alice ...

Kate how long does it take you to type

She wouldn't respond. This got me scared. The next day I looked at her she looked so cute... wait no shes not. She blushed so I looked behind me. NO ONE WAS THERE.

I asked her what she wanted to tell me she ran. Why was she scared. Her hair in the wind was beautiful pretty made me want to k... wait no girls dont kiss girls

Alice's POV


I saw her the next day and I blushed she noticed so she looked behind her she asked me what I wanted to ask her I ran like a coward but in the corner of my eye I saw her blush.

Now I could tell her. Let's see how this goes... I yelled come and get me and I'll tell you... she said no fair... she caught me. I was blushing soo hard but it just looked like I was hot.

Then she asked what do yo-alice ALICE...I wondered where I was I woke up wwhhaat happpennneedd I was nervous and shaking the nurse said you just passed out. Were you hot or under pressure.

I lied I was just hot must've been from playing tag.

Kate's POV


She wanted to play tag I caught her and then she fainted nothing much she just said she was hot. Nothing much.

Alice's POV


I had to tell her now I had to tell her that I liked her wait not liked her love her her hair was gorgeous I went up to her and she said hey girl I said hi-i

Kate are you ok

Alice yeah

Kate are u sure

Alice yeah

Alice i-i got to t-tell you something

Kate sure anything

Alice anything??

Alice do I have to talk

Kate if you want me to respond

Alice does this work*kisses her*


Alice umm probably shouldn't have done that

Kate that that was...

Kate amazing

Alice I've wanted to do that all along

Kate so have I

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