Midnight Lightning~!! S1 Ep1
Midnight Lightning~!! S1 Ep1 supernatural stories

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The world is filled with vampire and humans, living in peace. But, some vampires have gone rogue and decided to defy the rules and regulations set by both the species, to eliminate these rouges the humans have developed special kinds of special martial arts to counter the rogues. Takuya is a normal teenager with vampire friends, until he get's entangled in a deep mystery and becomes a target..what is bound to happen?

Midnight Lightning~!! S1 Ep1

Season: 1, Episode 1 – "Good Morning!"

Third Person P.O.V

The sunlight entered his room making it warm and pleasant, but unfortunately, Takuya was still asleep.

As the sun began to rise up in his position, the sunlight changed position and fell on Takuya's face.

Takuya woke up abruptly and looked around, the sunlight had blinded him a little due to it falling directly on his face, his sleep was now broken and he was pissed,

this was the regular early morning routine.

As he walked out of the room he could hear his mom's voice calling him downstairs for breakfast as he was already getting late for school.

He went into the bathroom and followed the usual pattern, after cleaning himself up he made his way downstairs towards the dinner table.

He sat on the table taking the toast in his hand as he started to chew on it from the side.

The small Television that was kept on the shelf ahead of the table was broadcasting something interesting today, the reporter was talking about few killings that took place in the nearby area.

Takuya was looking at the TV as he finished his toast and prepared to leave.

Takuya's P.O.V

"What? Killings? Weird...

" I look the screen with no surprise, anyways I had no time for watching that, I had to leave for school and before that I had to grab my bag from my room, I ran up the stairs to my room,

entered inside, grabbed my bag and left the house in a matter of seconds because again I was kinda late.

As I was walking along the road I noticed two figures approaching from behind, they were my friends.

They caught up to me and greeted me with joy but I couldn't reply them with the same joy as I was still in the middle of passing out.

Haruka was walking on my left side and Tsuya was walking on my right side and I forgot to mention both of them are vampires, I know it's weird but, they are vampires and also my best friends.

"Looks like someone's morning wasn't good." Tsuya says looking at me with a funny face, "You need more sleep? Little baby?" Haruka said teasing me, she never missed a chance at doing that.

We went on talking rubbish until we reached the school gates that's when we were united with more of our friends, Maeba and Lyra.

They were talking to each other when we arrived when they saw us they walked over to us and greeted us, "Good Morning!" both of them said, "Good Morning!

" I said looking at them, after having a talk and arriving a little late to the class, the school went well. But what after comes school is what I'm excited about.

Third Person P.O.V

The bell rang as the school ended, a flood of students rushing out to their homes or other places, Takuya walked towards an old building near the school named "Raijin Dojo".

Takuya looked at the signboard and smirked.

Apparently, humans have developed a martial arts to fight off rogue vampires, It is of different types but this one is unique as it allows the user to reach deep into the powers of the mind,

controlling the energy around.

He entered the dojo, several students were sitting on the floor and the others sparring with each other.

He walked ahead, throwing his school bag at the corner of the entrance where other bags were. He stepped up and walked towards them, before walking to an old man, he had spiked white hair.

"1 minute 34 seconds late." the man said as face had an engraved stern expression, "C'mon Sensei, the school was a bit rough today."

Takuya said as he looked at him, "Anyways, be on time or you will get beaten." the man says before walking away towards other students. "Ah! Gii-san is such a drag.

" he says as he faces the person standing behind him, "Let's Spar." He says as they both start to fight each.

The sun starts to set, as the clouds shined a bright orange, Takuya walked out of the dojo with other students who went their own ways.

He started to walk towards home, his bag on his back as he walked ahead.

The path he was walking on was oddly silent, no passing vehicle or no one walking could be seen, due to this an eerie atmosphere was created but, he continued to walk ahead no matter what.

As he was walking ahead, a shadow passed from behind him, he turned to look but there was no one behind him. He didn't take much of a look and walked ahead.

A girl seemed to be walking towards him, he continued to walk ahead as the girl, as she passed by grabbed his arm and threw him into the nearby wall,

It was sudden for him so he had no time to retaliate, He fell down after smashing into the wall.

He slowly stood up, as he had bruises on his right shoulder and on the back of his neck. He bore the pain somehow before looking at the lady.

The girl had red eyes with black pupils, a sinister made his face on her face.

Takuya's P.O.V

"Aghh!!" I stood up to look at the girl, I figured out that she was a rogue vampire by now as I grabbed my right arm.

I looked at her as she looked at me, giving me a sinister smile before licking her lips, I had to fight her off, great.

I dashed forward at her, as she jumped over me appearing behind me and punching my back, I launched ahead but, I got a hold of myself and stopped.

Turning around and looking at her, "OK, Time to show you real power, Girl.

" I said as I looked at her dead in the eye, The ground broke around me a little, only small cracks on the ground I was standing on as static electricity started to radiate around me,

zapping in the air around.

"You messed with the wrong guy at the wrong time at the wrong place," I said as I dashed forward, making a punch and aiming it for her gut, she tried to punch me, but I was a little fast,

she wasn't much strong, as she punched I crouched down.

My fist headed for her gut, smashing into it as static electricity zapped around it.

She launched back into the wall that I was previously launched into, as she smashed into the wall, I kneeled down as I could barely stand up.

When I looked up and tried to stand, she wasn't there, she was nowhere to be spotted.

I stood up, handling myself as I looked around for traces of the girl but I just couldn't find it, "How?" was all I had in my mind as I walked home bruised.

I opened the door and entered inside, my mom came to greet me, and she stood in front of me with a smile before she took notice of the bruises.

"Is everything alright? Who did this?" she asked, but all I could do was lie, I didn't want her to know about the vampire.

"I'm fine mom, Intense training" I lied as I walked up to the stairs helping myself using the wall, somehow walking to my room, opening the door and laying down on the bed.

"How could she have disappeared in an instant?" it was all over my mind as I couldn't stop thinking about it, soon I drifted to sleep.

(=====Night Time====)

Takuya's P.O.V

I woke up to the voice of my mom calling me for dinner. I sat up on my bed and continued to ponder over what had happened, how could she have disappeared into thin air? I had many questions.

I walked down the stairs to the dining table and sat on the chair, it was around 8:46 pm. My mom was serving me dinner my dad isn't here cause he's overseas for some company work.

I turned on the TV on the self and tuned to an anime channel, as I was watching anime my mom laughed, "You're still watching this cartoons? Aren't you a little baby...

" she giggled as I looked at her with a funny face, "Its anime mom, it's for teenagers not for children." I said pouting with anger as I turned my head towards the TV and continued to watch it.

After finishing my dinner I went to the kitchen to wash the dishes cause I'm a good boy and I don't like to put too much of work on my mother, "You know Takuya, you're thinking out loud...

and you don't want to put too much of work on your mother?!!?", she says catching me off guard as I start to wash the dishes.

I stick my tongue out at her and she laughs while walking towards her room.

After washing the dishes I went to turn off the TV when suddenly the anime broadcast changed to a new one.

Third Person POV

"5 people Killed and One Injured..." Takuya looks at the TV as it was the usual here, rogue vampires killing people, every day was a new killing or something.

They then turned to the man that was injured, "So, did you see who did all that?", "It...w-was...a...a g-girl, s-she ha-had red eyes." Takuya Looked at the TV as his eyes widened.



Well, This is me the writer speaking, please do comment and don't be a silent reader, give me feedback on my writing and story and how can I improve it to your reading needs.



Third Person POV

"She's the one that I encountered..." he turns around going towards the bed, his thought process getting out of control. The next day in school, "So everyone open your textbooks...

" the teacher says as everyone starts to open it,

a sudden rush of air enters the class as Takuya suddenly feels anxious and stands up and shouts "EVERYONE BRACE YOURSELVES" as an exploding sound is heard.


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