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Night Trip dream stories

pure405evil Appreciate any feedback on my poetry ;)
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A dream I had.........

Night Trip

This was an actual dream that I had while sitting in jail, so I wrote it down. It isn't a very good one as far as rhythm, but I liked the story and the message.

I took a trip last night into my dreams

To a place that I'm sure no one has seen

The sky was black as the darkest of nights

But everything else was a spectrum of light

With no one around but still voices I hear

When all of a sudden a doorway appeared

A sign on the door said welcome, come in

And that's where the story of this journey begins

When I turned the knob and pushed open the door

I almost stepped in when I noticed no floor

I heard a voice tell me "do not be afraid"

"This is a journey of the choices you made"

"You see life is a journey that everyone takes

And your judged in this world by the choices you make

You had the choice to do wrong or right

You chose to do wrong and stand there and fight"

"So now close your eyes and enter this room

And witness events to your upcoming doom"

I shut my eyes and I walked through the air

When I looked to the left a doorway was there

I opened the door and started to scream

I wanted to wake from this terrible dream

What I saw in that room will haunt me for life

It was the bodies of my children and my beautiful wife

I screamed at the voice "why did you bring me here"

He said," it is time that you finally face your worse fear

Now go to your family and look in their eyes"

But I couldn't move and I started to cry

Finally I walked over till I came to my son

I couldn't do anything the damage was done

I looked in his eyes and saw what he'd seen

The moment he died he was crying for me

Each child that I went to their eyes were the same

Before each one of them died they cried out my name

I couldn't take anymore so I asked," could we go"

He said," not quite yet there's something else I must show"

"You see, you left them behind when you went to jail"

"But I hadn't a choice" I started to yell

"Then who made the choice when you committed that crime"

"So then why punish them if the fault was all mine"

"They died whenever you spun out of control

Cause you were responsible when you took on the role

Of father and husband to the family you see

That is laying before you and will no longer be"

"So what will it be the choice is on you

But remember your choices could make this come true

You have the choice to forget what you've seen

And continue your life the way that you please"

"Just remember the choices you make for yourself

Not only affect you they affect someone else

So now I shall leave you to let you decide

And I hope that all this has made you realize"

"It's not only on you when you choose the wrong road

Your family and friends have to help carry the load"

When I finally woke up I just started to grin

I was given the chance to change this journey's end

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