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A highly introverted person goes to a crowded restaurant. What could go wrong?..... Or Right?


Well, that's over.


I mean...all good things have to end at some point in time. Right?

Wait. You're probably wondering what the heck I am talking about. Let's start from the beginning.

Before that, I have to tell you something about me. See, I am not exactly this "Confident, brave, adventure-seeking soul".

I eat my food even if it's not what I ordered cause I am too much of a wimp to tell the waiter I haven't even ordered yet. Anxiety? Sure. Let's go with that.

Because of this, I was a very easy target to all my bullies. I know what you're saying. You should not let bullies get to you. You should try standing up for yourself.

Trust me, I know. And, I'd like to think I did. (stand up for me) Now 24 years old, I still am a big wimp to tell my parents I fall in love with people of the same sex - a girl.

You're thinking how a person that doesn't even try speaking to a person has the courage to talk to dudes AND girls to figure out that she's gay. Honestly? I don't know.

One day I made this stupid decision to go to a party and she came to me.

I was also thinking what the heck this really pretty girl who would have a bunch of friends if not found talking to a loser like me (trust me, even college sucks.) was doing, TALKING to ME!

We kind of hit it off there. I guess? She's really funny, very outgoing AND orders for me. (comes with the package)

In short, she's the complete and total opposite of me. She completes me in a way.

I am now able to ask for the wifi password of the cafe I regularly go to and was finally able to say that I did not like that much cinnamon in my PSL. She made that possible.

It's a weird relationship. I know. But, I guess that's how it works between us.

A relationship needs both input and output. Here she is, always pushing me to do things and here I am, leaning on her.

I don't think I challenge her in any way except if you count babysitting me. Yet, she still sticks with me.

I don't exactly know what she loves about me, but I am happy that I am the one she loves. Okay now, let's not delve deep into my love story and get on with what happened.

Remember how I said she pushes me to do things? Yeah well, that happened again, today.

Now, I sing. Not Whitney Houston level perfection. But, I sing. It just developed......I guess? Nope. My mom being an opera singer has nothing to do with it. Just kidding. She taught me.

(thank god for that or I'd had to have gone to classes where there'd be a lot of people) And one day, I was doing my usual shower routine, start with Ariana, move to Taylor Swift,

and then try some Beyonce. Now somehow during all this, she came into the room to pee.

(I was okay with her being in there when I showered. But if I had known she had come in, I would have stopped screeching out those high notes.)

"OMG. Avery! YOU CAN SING?" Now a normal person would have been like " AHHH! What the f*ck are you doing in here?" or "WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING?" or "Yeah...I sing...do I sound good?"

But I froze. And I ran out of the shower, grabbing my dress. She ran out behind me. "Avery you never told me this!" "Well, technically nobody knows except my family and you haven't met my family yet...

so, yeah." "But still! YOU should have told me this! How long have you been singing?" "12 years." "12 YEARS??!!" she exclaimed.

I mean, being a highly introverted person, there wasn't a lot I could go out and do. Since I stayed home, my mom made me do stuff one by one to figure out what I'd be good at.

And one day I tried singing one of the most classical opera pieces, La Traviata. I wasn't good. But my mom said for a 12-year-old, that sounded good. And then, the training began.

She taught me a lot of operas. I think my favorite would be Nessun dorma from Turandot.

"Yeah. 12." "YOU HAVE TO SING!" Now you know how it might've gone. She asked me to sing a bunch of songs and, I did. It made her happy. Very much that I was taken aback.

Cutting to the chase, today, she said we had reservations at this really beautiful restaurant downtown for our date night. I of course agreed or else she would have guilt-tripped me into going.

The reservations didn't cost much but I wasn't exactly a fan of fancy shit.

We went there and oh my god. The place was amazing! It was really classy; red curtains hung from the ceiling and the whole light setting was like in the 1800s.

It also had doormen and the waiters all had top hats like they were in a musical.

There was a huge crowd and I guess it kind of made sense because for that less cost of a reservation I thought there'd be a self-serve thing. But this restaurant was completely opposite to that.

As I turned to ask her where she found such an amazing place, that's when I noticed them.

The restaurant had live music. Jazz musicians. "Hmm. Does that have anything to do with tonight?" I asked. " Oh! They have live music?". She lied. I could tell. "huh."

We then sat down and ordered the food. Now as a music fanatic, I had to listen to the music.

Along with the classy and elegant lights, room, and tables, the way they played went perfectly well with all. I felt like I was on cloud nine. Everything else seemed so far away. I was lost.

And then, I heard it.

"We heard we have an amazing vocalist among us. Can we have Avery Barnes on the stage?" Automatically I looked on the stage and there she was, standing beside the lead vocalist.

Now everybody looked around cause obviously nobody knew who Avery was. Then she pointed to me and shouted, "THERE SHE IS! AVERY BARNES!" The spotlight shown on me.

Normally, I would have either fainted or ran away. But this time, I stood up. I don't know what got into me, but I stood.

I had a pool of sweat near my armpits and my back might've looked like I had just taken a bath if not for the dress I wore. My legs started shaking and I didn't know where to look.

So, I looked at her. "Please come to the stage.", she mouthed. My heart started beating like crazy. Almost 200 pairs of eyes looking at me. Me. I had never had this kind of attention.

Most would find it overwhelming but I found it claustrophobic. To add to that, I had never sung in front of a crowd before. Nobody except my parents and brother.

I looked around, trying to figure out the best path to run away without tripping and receiving a second-hand embarrassment. But, I locked eyes with her. They were kind.

I liked that. It somehow reassured me and I took a step forward. My heart was beating so fast and my legs felt like worms. No. I couldn't feel them. And, then everybody erupted into applause.

"What if I let them down? What if I sound bad and sound like something they didn't expect? What if I fall down or have a voice crack and embarrass myself? What if I look ugly? Do I look good?"

I kept walking while these dark thoughts were filling my head.

When I reached the stage, she grabbed me and said in my ear "I know you'll do amazing! Good luck! I love you!"

I looked at her with passion, anger, and pleading eyes and gave her the "Why'd you do this to me?" look. "Thanks. I love you too. But if this doesn't go well, it's on you!"

She laughed it off which kinda bothered me. Then, I looked at the musicians looking intently at me.

Clearly, they were expecting me to start off with a song. "Let's do Oh Happy Day!"

The music started. I honestly could see no one because the lights blinded my eyes. (which was kinda good for my situation) I caught a glimpse of her, cheering me on.

I looked around at the musicians and they looked happy and expectant. "Don't let them down, you buffoon!" I said to myself. As my part came along, I started to sing.

I was kinda surprised at myself for how good I sang! My voice came out clear as water and my emotes went perfectly well.

I could hear people gasping and clapping which kinda motivated me to do a lot more. I took the microphone in my hands and started swaying and dancing to the music.

All the nerves I had, went away. Every hair on my body stood up and my heart started beating along with my movements. I couldn't stop the excitement.

People cheered and clapped and sang along with me. It felt good to see people liking how I sounded. I took complete control of that room. I saw her recording me, teary-eyed.

I smiled and waved at her, to come join me. We both started dancing together with everybody looking at us. After the song ended, I said to the crowd, "I would like to sing an opera."

After that, I sang a few more operas and a lot of other songs from other genres. And honestly, the support? Now THAT was overwhelming.

After that, I had to finish and give the control back to the lead vocalist. "Well, wasn't that a show people? Let's all give a huge round of applause to Avery!" The crowd erupted.

I gave a quick bow, and rushed back to my seat, overwhelmed. "Well Avery, that wasn't so hard. Was it?" I laughed and rolled my eyes.

As returned home, I hugged her so tight that she couldn't breathe and said "I love you so much! Thank you for that! If you hadn't done that, I would've never known I could do that."

"Well, I knew you could. I never doubted you. You can do a lot more than that! And that's why I love you!" "Aww." We kissed.

Well, that's over. There's that! Fifteen mins or so of fame.

Fifteen minutes of nobody judging me and me not giving a care in the world even if they did cause I had something that they didn't.

I had someone to push me to do something that I never would've done on my own. To motivate me, stay by my side and support me. To complete me. Her. I have her. And thank god I do.


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