it's been so long pt 1
it's been so long pt 1 five nights at freddy's stories

pukewsprinkles Community member
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my first thing on here
it's a fnaf thing xD

it's been so long pt 1

Disclaimer: i don't own fnaf or this song the plot is mainly lore and fan theories but thats wut u get with fnaf i guess lol

“I dunno what i was thinking, leaving my child behind”

She had promised to take her son to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, but had run into a friend in the parking lot.

Her son, being seven years old and very impatient, ran into the pizzaria, right into the back. “Look at the yellow bear!”, he had laughed.

Animatronic hands grabbed his shoulders, and everything went black…

“Now i suffer the curse and now i am blind”

The woman lay on top of her bed, still in her sweater and skirt even though it was almost 2 am. Her face formed into a scowl as she became angry at herself for not paying attention to her son.

The scowl turned to tears as guilt and sadness took over. “With all this anger, guilt, and sadness coming to haunt me forever, i can’t wait for the cliff at the end of the river”

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