Kenma X Reader Pt. 5
Kenma X Reader Pt. 5 kenma x reader stories

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Kenma X Reader Pt. 5

When you get to your house you take Kenma to your room. he sits o the bed and pulls his phone out. You take his phone and put it in your pocket. "Hey give it back!" Kenma says "No way! I want to hangout with you!" You says

Kenma gets off the bad and walks over to you, you move quickly back over to the bed. Kenma moves from the middle of the room to in front of you. "Give it back." He says "I'm not gonna give it to you!" You say "Then I'll take it." Kenma says

Kenma moves his hand toward your pocket. You block his hand and pull out his phone and hand it to him, He takes it. You sit down on your bed and face away from him. "Sorry, I shouldn't have done that. I'll leave you alone. I just didn't want you to be on your phone, because..." You trial off

"Because what?" Kenma asks "You won't hate me if I tell you?" You ask "I could never hate you," Kenma says "Well, I like you!" You blurt out Kenma sits down next you. He wraps his arms around you and lays his head on you shoulder.

"I saw you with Bokuto and Akaashi all the time. I wanted to introduce myself, but I couldn't. I've wanted to tell you I like you, even though we met not too long ago." Kenma says Kenma lifts his head and kisses your cheek. You blush and lay your head on his shoulder. Kenma pulls out his phone and starts playing a game, his username Applepi still.

"Your usernames adorable." You say "Your adorable." Kenma says blushing You blush and lift your head up, you kiss his cheek and pull out your phone. "What's that game called I want to play with you!" you say blushing

"(Your favorite multiplayer game)" Kenma says You download the game and made a username. Your username was 'PumpkinPi', you showed it to kenma. "Copie-cat," Kenma says "But I want my username to match yours." You say

"Okay, you can keep it," Kenma says You play the game for the rest of the night and fall asleep on Kenma.

Oki, Done! I hope you liked it! I'm gonna do a really short Kageyama one! Have a lovely day or night where ever you are!

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