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Kageyama X Reader

I'm stupid, I'm stupid, I'm stupid! He's not gonna answer it's like two in the morning, he's probably- He answered! "You answered." You say "I answer?" Kageyama questioned "It's two in the morning! You answered my call!" You say

"Then why are you calling at two A.M.?" Kageyama asks "That's a good question, Why am I calling?" You say "It's not like I was asleep, but why are you calling so early?" Kageyama asks "I wanted to talk to you." You say a bit embarrassed

"About what?" Kageyama asks "Nothing specific." You say "Okay then... switch to video call," Kageyama says You switch to video. Kageyama has his usual scowl but his hair is a mess making him look funny.

"I like what you did with your hair" You tease "I'm having a hard time sleeping, okay. anyway, there was something you needed?" Kageyama asks "I like you!" You blurt out "Well technically, I love you. Because a crush lasts for four months, and I've liked you since the beginning of the year." You say

Kageyama doesn't say anything he just sits there, dumbfound. You hang up. Kageyama calls you minutes late which you decline, he calls several times for 5 minutes and then stops. You can't sleep now. "Just great Y/N!" you say to yourself

You turn on the T.V. and lay down in your bed and You watch a movie. about 30 minutes in there's a knock at the front door. you walk over to the front door and look out the window next to the door, it's Kageyama. Kageyama came to your house at three in the morning! You open the door. "Yes?" you say

"Why?" Kageyama asks "Why, what?" You ask in response "Why over the phone?" Kageyama asks "Because I told myself I do it today or I never confess. So if you didn't answer you would have never known." You explain

"Can I come in?" Kageyama asks "Only because It's cold." You say opening the door Kageyama walks ina and you take him to your room, you close the door behind you, and sigh.

"Why did you walk all the way to my house at almost three in the morning?" You ask "Because I had to tell you, I love you too." Kageyama You hug him, and never want to let go.

I had to put this picture!

Well, I hope you liked it! Have a good day or night where ever you are!

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