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Do you want to post something anonymously? Now you can.

We Are Anonymous

I am anonymous. So are you. With this account, I hope to create a platform with a following for people to post anonymously. This is not for attacking other authors.

This is for posting poems that you're too embarrassed to post on your own account.

Maybe you wrote a love poem about someone and you don't want the to see it, but you just need to get it out there.

Maybe it's your unpopular opinion, and you don't want to lose followers for posting it. Maybe it's a confession that's been infecting your mind, itching to be released.

Here is where you can do that. This is an experimental project. The password for this account is unhackable. Literally. Type "unhackable" when it asks for the password.

Don't steal the account or change the password; that's mean. Of that does happen, publicposts1 will be created. Enjoy being anonymous!

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