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A sarcastic, exaggerated rant about school telling us to "grow up".

Grow Up...

Today at school I got a lecture about how I should "grow up" and stop using the swings. Something about me almost being an adult, just about to graduate, blah blah blah.

Yeah, I get it, you're old and you think I'm immature. I just wanna have fun for the last year of my childhood before I'm ruined by the stress and independence of adult life.

I understand that you had no childhood and that you grew up staring at blank walls for entertainment.

So my friends and I are "growing up". Instead of playing on the swings we'll be playing poker.

Instead of trading Pokemon cards we'll be loan-sharking our friends who didn't play their gambling debts.

Instead of an addiction to childhood games, we'll have an addiction to gambling, nicotine, drinking...

After all, we're adults, right? If we can't do what kids do, then I guess we'll do what adults do.

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