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This prompt was from @soothrain

"The voice with no source." ....Awesome!


Note: @soothrain, thanks so much for this prompt. It is one of my favorite things in horror movies when someone hears voices, but nobody is there..... This is going to be fun! Also, Ellie Goulding is a singer, not a character in the story, lol.

Rachel turned up her stereo just a little bit louder so she could hear it over the strong wind coming in through her open window. She nodded along to the song and sang off-key even though she didn't know the words well. "Yeah, we got the fire, fire, fire." Ellie Goulding sang. Rachel danced foolishly.

As Rachel danced, she didn't pay much attention to the road. She didn't need to though, she has driven this way many times before. She was driving to her and her boyfriend's house. Jonathan finally got committed enough to ask her to move in, and she was hoping that proposal was the next step.

"And we gonna let it burn, burn, burn, burn." Ellie Goulding's voice broke Rachel's thoughts. Rachel decided that she has had enough music and dancing for tonight, so she turned the music off. It came back on... "Huh?" Rachel turned the music off again.

It turned on again, but this time it wasn't Ellie Goulding. It was a voice. A girl's voice. It sounded like her own.... Rachel quickly turned it back off. She heard the voice again.

It wasn't coming from the radio, it was coming from the back seat. "I can't breathe." The voice, her voice, said in a whisper. Rachel screamed, she could hear the voice clearly. She stomped the brake and looked behind her.... No one was there.

"Come on Rachel, keep it together." She told herself. Rachel waited a few minutes before driving again, she needed to calm down. She started driving again, and she checked her watch. She should be home soon.

Rachel drove many more miles without a disturbance....without hearing the voice. But the silence didn't last long. "I can't breath....I can't breathe." Her voice said from behind her. She slammed the brakes and turned around.

In the back seat was herself, a bruised, bleeding, charred, singed version of herself, but it was still herself. "I can't breathe." It gasped looking in Rachel's eyes. Rachel had to get out of the car.

She tried the handle, but it didn't work. She tried it again, it still didn't budge. Looking back into the back seat, she could see that herself was still there. "I can't breathe." It, she, choked.

Rachel frantically looked for something to break the window. She settled on using the headrest. She took it out of the seat and used the metal part to smash the window. It took many, many tries, but she finally broke it.

Rachel climbed out and ran. She ran and ran and ran. Behind her she could still hear, "I can't breathe.".....

................................................................ "She's awake." Jonathan said, Rachel opened her eyes. "Huh?" Rachel looked up at him confused. "You've been out since last night." He smiled at her lovingly.

"W-what?" She was still confused. She looked around her, she was in a hospital. "You don't remember?" He asked. "No?" Rachel did remember something, but not being in the hospital.

"You got in a wreck....Apparently you were 'distracted driving.'" He smiled again. "A man found you. Your car was on fire....He said, he said that you kept saying 'I can't breathe.'" He paused. "He broke the window, pulled you out, and brought you hear."

"Oh...." Rachel left it at that, no questions. All she could think about was the burnt version of herself saying, "I can't breathe.........."

Note: If you are confused, when she was dancing and driving she got in a wreck and was saved by a dude who busted her window. The person in the back seat was her, what she looked like in the car and what she said when she was found. Hope y'all liked it :):):)

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