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@friedchicken gave me this prompt :) Thanks!!!!

Ouija: The Summoning

Note: This is prompt was given to me by @friedchicken, thank you so much for the idea! :):):)

Lee wasn't exactly sure what to make of the square, wooden board with the alphabet and a few words written on it. She also wasn't sure what to make of the somewhat heart shaped piece that came with it. "How in the hell is this thing supposed to contact the dead?"

She picked up the wooden box that the board came in. "Place the planchette on the Ouija board. Now put your middle and forefinger on the planchette and ask a question." She read the instructions aloud and followed them as she read.

"Good questions to ask are 'Is there anyone here?'" As she asked the question, the planchette moved to Yes, distracting her from reading the instructions. The only instructions left were 'Don't do it alone' and 'Don't forget to say Goodbye'...No big deal, right?

"Uh, hi?" Lee said, she wasn't sure what to say. The planchette moved to the H and then to the E, L, L, O. "Oh my God, it's working!" Lee's eyes grew in bewilderment. "Uh, who am I speaking with?" She used a line that she had heard in many movies.

D, I, A, N, N, E. "Dianne?" Lee asked the spirit. The planchette moved to Yes. "Cool," Lee hesitated, she couldn't think of any good questions, "What year did you die?"

The planchette didn't move. "What year did you die?" She asked again. Still no movement. "Fine. I'll ask a different question..." Lee bit her lip..."Are ghosts psychic? If so, what year will I die?"

Lee stopped the planchette as it started to move. "I was kidding, I don't want to know." Lee had realized that as soon as she asked. "How old are you spirit?" The planchette spelled out "Nineteen."

"That's how old I am now." Lee's phone rang. It was a text from her boyfriend, Kevin. Kevin: hey, u goin' to Frances's party 2night? Lee: yup, I'll leave soon.

Kevin: C'ya then Lee: yup, luvs ya Kevin: yup, bye Lee had forgotten all about the party while using the board. She moved the planchette off of the board and put it in the box. Then she put the board in the box, and got ready for the party.....

.....Lee, dressed in heels and a dress inappropriate for her age, got in her car and set the GPS for Frances's house. She put on her favorite C.D and jammed out until she got there. Frances's house was huge, just the right size for a kick-a** party.

Frances, being the great host he is, greeted Lee at the door. "I'm glad you could come." He smiled at her. "Me too." She smiled back, just being near him could bring a smile to any girls' face. He was hot.

Inside his house was just as impressive as the inside, and it was crowded. She was never going to find Kevin in here. Lee looked all over, and she was right....She couldn't find him. Finally, she decided to stop and ask someone. Unfortunately, the closest person was locking lips with someone.

"Hey," She tapped on the girl's shoulder, "have you seen Kevin Garr-" She stopped when she saw that the boy she was kissing was Kevin. As the girl pulled away, Kevin looked sorrily and drunkenly at her. Lee's face turned bright red, and she hurried to the bathroom, Kevin was shouting pathetically after her...

...Lee's eyes were puffy as she stared into the mirror. She has been crying for an uncountable time. She could hear that the music had stopped, and Frances was knocking on the bathroom door. "You okay in there Lee?" He had an accent that was thick with worry.

"Uh, yeah..." She was embarrassed. She didn't realize she had been in there so long. "I'll be out in a minute, and then I'll leave. Sorry." "No worries," He seemed to be the embarrassed one, like he was nervous. "Ugh, would you like to stay the night?"

"What? Oh my God, you are such an a**hole. I just saw my now ex-boyfriend kissing some girl, but that does not, and I mean not, make me want to hop in bed with the first, cute dude who asks." Lee was furious. "I was going to sleep on the couch, I just wanted to talk." He sounded so sincere.

Lee's face was red with embarrassment, "Oh, sorry. I'll be out in a sec, if you still want to talk, we can." "Yeah. I'll go in the living area...I'll get some soda's and we can drink them and call Kevin names behind his back." "Uh, okay." Lee laughed.

She heard his footsteps go into and out of the kitchen, and she heard him plop onto the couch. She also heard him adjust the volume on the party music. It was loud. Lee quickly fixed herself. She applied blush, lipstick, and she redid her mascara. Her eyes were still slightly puffy, but it was okay.

Lee hurried out of the bathroom, and into the living room, then she screamed as she saw the horrific scene that was Frances's dead body. "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God." She said over and over. He was covered in blood and he had cuts all over, there was a gaping hole in his chest. The word Dianne was spelled out in his blood on the walls.

A giant Ouija board was next to the bloody name, it was also drawn in blood. There was an object on the word Goodbye, it was Frances's heart....the planchette of this bloody Ouija board. Lee screamed again as the heart moved. It spelled out DIE, and Lee obeyed....

Note: I hope y'all liked it, and I know it took a few days, but that is because I was out for the weekend. @soothrain is next :)

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