You gave me your heart pt6
You gave me your heart pt6 stories
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diary entry 16 I wake up to the sound of my alarm, I didn't want to wake jack up but I also didn't want to be late on my first day.

You gave me your heart pt6

diary entry 16

I wake up to the sound of my alarm, I didn't want to wake jack up but I also didn't want to be late on my first day.I get up and kiss jack on the cheek,thinking he is asleep, but as soon as I touch my lips on his cheekbone he grabs me by my waist and kisses me on my forehead.

'did you sleep well' he asks in his croaky, soft,smooth voice 'yeah, cause you were with me' I wink and laugh. 'trying to flirt, I see you' he smiles 'can you drive me to my house, I need to get to work' 'sure'

*20 minutes later*

me;'thanks for all this' jack;'its fine, don't thank me' he goes back inside his car and drives of.

I enter my house and boil the kettle so I can make myself some coffee and in the i meantime choose my outfit. My final decision is black and white plait detailed pants and a white oversized hoodie and black heels. I get changed and head to the kitchen, make coffee and pour it into a flask. Then I text lucas about picking me up.

*texting lucas*

me; hey, i am ready so is it ok for you to pick me up in around 10 minutes lucas; yeah, see you soon

I drop my phone on the couch, I feel agitated and nervous about going to work, so I try to imagine mums presence and that makes me feel better. maybe I should make something to eat? i open the fridge but then i hear my phone ring. its lucas.

*phone call*

me;hello lucas; i am nearly outside your house me;that was quick, i am coming

I take my keys, bag, flask and head out the house. I walk towards his car 'hey' 'hi' 'how are you feeling about your first day' 'uh excited but nervous' 'I know what you mean, I felt the same on my first day, I have worked at this school for 2 years'

'cool, do you enjoy working in the school' 'yeah, it's fun.' We stay in silence until we get to school and once we do we both get out and he shows me the way to the headteachers office

'thank you so much lucas' 'no problem' I smiles and walks of into his classroom

I knock on the headteachers door and enter. The room smells of febreeze and everything looks so tidy and organized.

she stands up from her seat and shakes my hand, 'I am Miss Smith, take a seat' she gestures towards a seat in front of her desk 'Good morning'

I would just like to say thank you for giving me this opportunity' I smile 'you are very welcome. here is your timetable, lunch is 12;00 to 1'00 and break is 10;30 to 10;45, You will have a meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday with me at 10;45 and you will be in year 1 for the whole week until lunchtime not until the end of the day' i nod

'a week from now you will be with the year one students for the whole day, we will give you resources when you take less able students outside the classroom, is that ok for you' 'yes that is great' 'the year one teacher will quickly show you around the school so you know where to go'

I am waiting for the year one teacher to arrive outside the headteachers office and when she does she looks around the same age as me, she has long curly black hair and the same green eyes as lucas, also, her outfit is on point.

'hey, i am chloe' 'i am alex, your gonna be in my class,right? 'yeah' 'we will be the best of friends by the end of the year,trust me'

'so, this is the staff room' we walk in and there is a small kitchen area and multiple tables with blue chairs tucked underneath, the flooring is marble and as you walk further in there are two corner sofas with coffee tables and a water dispenser on the right hand side.

'this place looks nice' 'i know right' she smiles We walk out of the staff room into the hallway 'each classroom has a label on it so you know which is which and this is year 1'

We walk inside and on the left there is a desk,on the other side there is a book shelf with bean bags. a washing basket stands full of costumes and a carpet is placed in front of the whiteboard.

me;'this place is adorable' alex;'and so are the cute little kiddies' we both laugh alex;'can i tell you something' me;'yeah' alex;'your outfit is on point' she emphasizes the word 'point' and I grin me;'thank you, yours too' alex;'we are hashtag slayingg' she screams and then she starts to strut across the classroom in-between our outbursts of laughter.

she stops and says, 'ok lets be serious now, we will meet in the staff room at break to have a little chit chat, but right now we need to go outside, line the kids up and bring them in the classroom cause it is 9:00' 'k' I walk out with Alex and she stands in front of the year ones, helping them line up and walks them inside the classroom.

We walk in and she tells the children to sit on the carpet.

'This is miss Anderson and she will be with us for the week, everybody say hello' 'hello' 'hello sweeties' I say back, these guys are precious.

After they finish watching 'maths makes sense' the kids go to their tables and do some writing practice. I sit next to a little kid that seems like he doesn't know what to do.

'are you ok sweetie' 'yes miss' 'are you sure, whats wrong?' 'no one wants to be my partner' alex told me that the poor little guy just started school a week ago 'you know what, you can be my partner for now.

'really' 'yeah, now lets do some letters' 'do a letter N, yep, that's great' 'i think that real soon lots of people will want to be your partner' he looks up at me and says 'my name is noah' when he says that to me i feel like he really wants to be his friend and that makes me feel so special.

'whats yours' 'don't tell anyone, its chloe' i whisper 'i promise i won't tell' i smile he smiles back at me and a pang of warmness fills my heart. in a few years I want to have my own child so that I can watch them grow, and take on the role that my mother did.

diary entry 18

It is now break time and I made myself a cup of tea, I am sitting on the sofa waiting for alex, a couple of minutes later she enters the room, with the most dramatic entrance ever. she bashes the door open and struts as if she is on the red carpet. 'why' I shake my head 'I don't know, i am just extra' she chuckles

She sits down and crosses her legs 'So I want to know more about you, do you have a man' she wriggles her eyebrows and I blush

'yes actually I do' 'omgoshhhhh lemme see his face, is he cute, i knew a pretty girl like you would have a man' 'calm down, let me speak' She laughs 'he is really cute, he has black wavy hair and an olive skin tone-' 'don't get carried away' she cuts me of and smiles 'so lets see a photo'

I show her the first photo I saw of him and she looks surprised 'woow, is it hot in here' she laughs me;'he is good looking isn't he' I sigh me;'but don't steal him from me' alex;'i would never do that to anyone, i swear' alex;'you like him alot don't you' me;'yeah' alex; 'aww'

Soo who do you have your eye on' her eyes look straight at lucas across the room 'omgosh, you like lucas' I whisper 'no way,eww, that's my brother, i looked at him beacause he doesn't want me to go out with boys' 'omgosh, no way, you do look alike though' 'ew' she pretends to gag 'but i do have my eye on someone.....'

'......someone i see every morning when i go by bus' 'have you ever talked to him' 'hell no' 'aww, well why don't you talk to him tomorrow' 'fine, the only reason is cause i don't wanna look like a wuss' 'ok' i smirk alex;'it's seems like we have known each other forever, don't ya think?' me;'yeah, it does' i smile

'anyway, I am gonna get me some coffee' I smile and then see my phone ring, it's jack, what does he want? i walk out of the school to call him *calling jack* me;hey, is everything ok? jack;yeah,don't worry, i wanted to ask if you wanted to go at with me on friday me;sure, why? a smile creeps up on my face jack: just cause (he hangs up)

diary entry 20

I have realised that my life is getting better and better with jack and alex etc. supporting me and I will definitely be fine. I have planned to meet nana as she is obviously grieving too but with everything going on I have practically forgotten about her, and plus I want to know some more things about mum.

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