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The most personal poem to my heart
It’s been written into a song as well
All by me 💔

True Love Story

When I was young I had an obedient heart

dad told me, "son, girls will rip you apart-

It's been hard to express my feelings correctly

They come and go like a fleeting memory

She came like a flower in spring

I told her I'd hold her, i gave her everything

She came from a broken, hurtful family

Her father left her and her mom spit profanity

I gave her a home on my chest

I made her feel wanted. She said she was blessed

I began to truly and completely adore her

The way she looked down at the floor before her

The sparkle in her eyes that set me ablaze

"Baby you're mine, nobody can take"

The color in the world became strangely bright

And I knew in that moment...I loved her alright

She said she loved me

That she'll stay faithfully

I worked on a life for us, but I never had the money

I was poor and was taught to let nobody help me

I gave it my best, I gave her my all

My heart, my mind, my curtain call

We laughed and made memories to last

For me, it was a love that nothing could surpass

The truth is, my beautiful dead lady

That I'm a creator, an artist maybe

Artists are alone, trapped in their own fantasy

So here I am, telling the world a million thoughts that define my legacy

I'm an artist, possibly

So I painted a life for my baby

I mistakenly painted an awful red tragedy

A little yellow stoke of fruitless dishonesty

The black tree of hatred I painted so swiftly

But I painted my little blue girl ever so breathlessly

For that's exactly what you did to me

You left me breathless and gave me tranquillity

I wanted to give you a family and prosperity

Be the man in your life who treated you fairly

I guess I have a thing for Broken girls in a fucked family

I think I can fix you, heal you physiologically

I still remember the feeling in my heart

Maybe the strings snapped, or maybe Cupid stopped playing his part

She told me, "honey I've lied all along,

You've made me better and I know that I'm wrong.

I fucked another man all for the money,

I'm crying, it's real, my makeup is runny

Please don't leave me

You make my days sunny."

She said, "baby I'm here, baby I'll stay, I promise you baby, I promise I'll change."

But here I am, beaten and broken, away from my family

While you live on in the arms openly with somebody

You showed signs that you never even cared for me

I guess shame on me, my eyes could have seen

My dad told me, "son, girls will tear you apart. Don't give them anything, don't give them your heart."

Here I am, obedient heart broken

If only I'd listened to the words he had spoken

I genuinely cared for you, believe me baby

I stepped away because you broke me you're crazy

A second chance when you've already had 20 ?

I love you Caity, but you'll take the money

Maybe you'll realize it wasn't worth hurting me

Was what we had unique for me only?

But I think that's the story of life

I gave this girl so much, now I have nothing to give a wife

I broke my future, I broke who I am

All for a slut who wouldn't call me her man

I have so much more to say

Like do you even want to change

I still wonder if it ever hurt you

To hear me say, "I love you."

Did I cross your mind when he fucked you?

Was it worth it to lose even me too?

How do you live with yourself when you think of me?

Did you cry inside when I said, "I trust you baby."

I wonder if I come to your mind Daily

Maybe I only get a feature in this months heartbreak story

I pushed my family away for a lady

I pushed my religion away and called it crazy

I gave my heart to you and you sliced it so carefully

I have nothing left to give and no future with somebody

I gave my body, my mind and my time

Then he said he'll pay you and you turned on a dime

I want to say I hate you

I wish that was true

But I realize that I really love you

Sad, you never did too

I'll never take you back

In fact

The very thought of you gives me an anxiety attack

I'm deeply depressed

I feel so repressed

You fucked up my life and made me a mess

I wish I could say that you changed

Maybe something in your brain got rearranged

But the truth is so fucking clear

I gave my heart to a girl who never held me dear.

Tongue out like, "ooo give me some money"

"But baby wait, I thought you're my somebody"

I lost you and nothing matters anymore

I wish I could look at my wife not at the floor

Tell her I waited and I'm sorry I'm poor

Baby take this, it's my heart here it's yours

I no longer have a heart to give.

I no longer have a future with a family to live

I can't fall in love, I'll hurt her so deeply

I want to be a good man, but I'm broken and beastly

Women can't steal my heart because it's gone.

Check in my house and dig up my lawn.

It's missing you see and I don't care about you

Don't get attached because I'll warp and I'll screw

What'd you do with all the money, that paper blue bill?

Was your water more expensive, did it buy you your pill?

Maybe it drew thin white lines on your table

Or make your pipe a little more burnable

All I know now is that I'm without you

Time has taken its toll yet I still can't forget blue

Your favorite color, Australian water

The name I wanted to give to our daughter

I never express my feelings correctly

Hopefully I've expressed it clearly through poetry

The last thing I painted in our the canvas called life

a burning home, representing the strife

if she wasn't the one, all girls are in the same category

And I know there's no fucking thing as a true love story.

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