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What happens when an angel and a demon makes an abomination

My Devilish angel

(Alarm rings)

I groan as I wake up hearing Alessia cara overdose shit I forgot my headphones again but it was nice waking up to it though now for another day in the hell hole we call school,

don't worry Jace you will soon be done just have to go through for a few months.

After convincing myself to stand up I finally did by the way my name is Jace Alexandre, 17, Blonde, green eyes,

tanned skin at least I think so after all I don't go through all that work just to be pale hehe.

So I live in the US ,New York city I stay in a mansion I don't mean to brag but my family is pretty rich my dad is a business man,

my mom is a famous model she always said I took after her looks which I'm proud of I mean she is my mom but it's quite undeniable she's hot just don't want other guys telling me how hot she

is though but the bad part is that they are always travelling. So not many people believe this but I've only dated one girl a big mistake though long story.

So here I am checking my texts and I see one from my best friend Joe.i open his chat box .

He asks me "what's up" and then adds idiot which makes sense we always insult each other by the way actually we met by insults' ,

i tell him i'm cool and asked if he was going straight to school or coming here first which he rapidly answers "Nah" and he keeps on chatting about how summer was so short which was

actually true but not when you were like me who did totally nothing in this break apart from working out.He then asks me whether or not Vanessa was coming.

I ask him if Vanessa was coming over even though i didn't really expect him to know.He replies that he doesn't and that she was to unpredictable to know.

I sighed knowing I never locked the door since I got the place it was just to much work anyway no one can get passed the security system.

Well Vanessa is my other best friend actually she even more of my best friend than this idiot will ever be.

I went to go shower it was a pretty big mansion and its all mine my parents said I should learn to be living independently so I moved here and its been fun partying and occasional Netflix

ever since,

I was done in ten minutes I put on my towel then I heard a noise down stairs I went down to go check and it was my maid Elizabeth she's a sweet woman always cleaning the house

and cooking food according to my mood she was the best she is basically family now.

She was from France but she moved here a long time ago but she couldn't get rid of the accent though but I loved it.

I spot Elizabeth down stairs preparing pancakes she was in her late twenties but could still pass for a teenager,

she moves her body gently to whatever music playing in her headphones I went up to her tickling her, she laughs and takes off the headphones.

I know some might consider this inappropriate but she is like family to me.

"oh, master your awake Good morning how was your night "she says while trying to hurry up the pancakes,

I got use to her calling me master after I corrected her like 700 times and she still couldn't stop.

i sighed and pushed my hair back answering "it was great thank you" she always asks me how my night was, it was nice.

"I made pancakes and juice"she said happily she pronounced this so weirdly every time I had to hold myself from laughter it would be wrong since she always took care of me perfectly damn,

she once locked me out of my house because I wouldn't go jogging.I answer"great it's just what I needed thanks" this woman gets me.

She starts to pour syrup professionally on the pancake "thanks, I try my best" she said with a smirk her crystal white teeth showing she loved hygiene so much.

She starts to talk again after taking a deep breath "by the way Vanessa might come any moment from n......"

And on cue Vanessa runs in jumping on me damn I'm so dead but if this is how I die It won't be soooooo bad would it I stared at my best friend,

her beautiful face her light blue eyes her mischievous smile her dark wavy hair she was the definition of perfection I remember when I had a HUGE crush on her I wondered why I stopped.

I feel a light slap on my cheek not hard enough to leave a mark but still i felt it hard i then remember immediately why "what the hell" I ask half angrily half surprised "what I missed you

and you weren't saying anything"she said with her innocent smile I knew if any other person saw her they would immediately think she was the innocent type innocent oh how wrong they would be,

but unfortunately it still works on me but Joe's teaching me how to resist its going to take more time than expected "You're doing it again" She replies fake pouting "what you show me

you missed by slapping me I show you by staring at your beauty" I say with a smirk she was always a sucker for compliments but she did deserve it though"Awwn I missed those so much"she

said hugging me I immediately tensed up as I just realized the position we were in she was sitting on my half naked wet body.

"Awwn and now he is self-conscious don't worry I won't f*** you yet"she said giving me a wink Elizabeth walks in seeing us

and gasp "master oh"she sees Vanessa "oh good morning mistress Vanessa how was your vacation and master your uhmm....

Pancakes are getting cold "I should probably get of you right"She asks me apologetically I silently begged her not to but i couldn't say that it'd just be wierd "yeah probably" I

couldn't hide my sadness.Awwn he's sad ok tell u what if u manage to wrestle me of you, I'd get of you oh this is going to be fun she still thinks I'm weaker than her.

"But since you can't I guess I will stay here f...........

"I cut her of In one fluid motion I twist of her and grab her hands so she won't fall then the most embarrassing thing I happens I guess I didn't know how loose my towel was because


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