Porcelain Sunsets
Porcelain Sunsets pain stories
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prokatstinationI guess I'm pretty cool.
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I need to get this out, because it hurts too much. I never thought he'd hit me.

Porcelain Sunsets

by prokatstination

My skin was porcelain, pale in its perfection

Problem is, perfection can only last so long

This is my final song

Because my perfect porcelain skin can't take this for long

My skin was porcelain, never marred by yellow, green

Purple Blue

And it seems to be only too true that

the flowers blooming on my pale perfection

Are poisonous in their beauty

My skin was porcelain

A sunrise over the horizon has wrought change

I once thought that my skin would always be porcelain

Hands up, striking down that thought

I had never thought he'd dare

But the dusky sunset pain(t)ed on by his fiststrokes claims otherwise.

My skin used to be porcelain in its perfection

I used to be porcelain in my perfection

But the sun rises and the sun sets

Leaving colors behind






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