Undying Anger
Undying Anger thankyounext stories

progicianRecognize Your True Identity.
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I’ve never shown this side before.

Undying Anger

You’ll be left vandalized. Shook with fear. Held in my tiny lair.

Do not think because I came here positive I have a weak mind. I’ll kill you just with the murderous stare in my very own eyes.

I don’t fight fire with fire. But when I do I always end up with what I desire.

They’ve weakened Must’ve mistaken My kindness For a damn weakness Do not come for who you cannot fight. Don’t make them believe you’re the almighty might.

My hands are torturous My feet are fire Everybody I walk on will catch on immediate fire. They’ll be begging me to let em go. But anyone who has messed with me already knows..

I won’t free em unless it’s an official KO.

Apologies? No, I won’t take em. Don’t tell me you’re sorry, baby There was meaning behind your intent.

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