I’ll Endure With You.
I’ll Endure With You.

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progicianRecognize Your True Identity.
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I hope your mindset shifts to a positive, more enlightened one.

I’ll Endure With You.

The current pain you are going through, I will go through it too. I will do anything to make sure you are alright.

Close your eyes and envision whatever it is that makes your mind fill with content. Keep envisioning. If you’re in a sad state, then of course you can feel sad. But remember what or who makes you feel as if you are floating on cloud nine.

Take a deep breath and close your eyes. I understand pain is malicious and sometimes life threatening. But listen to my words.

For me, personally, I have a white wristband on my ankle. When I am going through the worst of times, I look down at it. It reminds me of the positivity. It helps me re-emerge all the good. It helps me cope with all the terrible things going on in my life.

It’s okay to fall through. But don’t carry the feeling your entire life.

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