I Can't Sit Still
I Can't Sit Still  adhd stories

pro_crastinate The truly famous live in infamy
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Always in constant motion

I Can't Sit Still

I'm always moving always in constant motion I have to do something be something make something create something build something write something change something I have to do anything be anything make anything create anything build anything write anything change anything I have to do everything be everything make everything create everything build everything write everything change everything

Never nothing always moving never stop everything something anything always never nothing always something and if I can't find it I'll make it I'll build it I'll write it I'll be it I'll do it all be it all make it all create it all build it all write it all change it all all of it all at once it never stops I can't stop can't ever stop it goes on forever making everything doing everything being everything

Always and forever moving doing making being writing everything something anything everything all of it everything goes forward and I don't stop I never stop I just go and go and go flying and flowing and going and moving and making until I fall and fall and fall and even then I move and I never stop I just keep falling until I can fly make it stop I can't stop the cycle goes on and on and on and I can't ever just sit still

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