Why shouldn't I?
Why shouldn't I? love stories

priyam778 Community member
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A small poem personifying love to earthly things

Why shouldn't I?

I love, why shouldn't I ?

I care, why shouldn't I ?

I dream, why shouldn't I ?

But you are more than just a dream,

You are the organs, in my body!

You are the clouds, of my sky!

You are the water, of my ocean!

You are the thoughts, inside my mind!

But maybe it is all just a dream

But If it is true,

We should take it a bit  further,

You are  in my mind, maybe all the time

Hold my hand, while looking in my eyes,

Let me sense your breath, down by the line.

I just want to be the shadow, that is with you everytime,

Cuz 24 hours is just not enough.

O girl you are the blood, in my body!

You are the stars, to my Sky!

Why shouldn't I love you like I used to?

Why shouldn't I die ?

Maybe cuz I have to live with you,

For the rest of my, Life!

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