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A tale about confusing choice between lovers...

Loving Universe

Once, it was easier to speculate on fiction & fictional characters, doesn't matter if they belong to books or real life.

But now whenever I think or even try so, your face pops up every time out of nowhere and I couldn't stop myself to love you more each day!

You make me confused all over again, or is it just an illusion of my mind? Or any chemical imbalance is going on inside my head, inside my inner universe?

Your thought seems like the only light I could ever rely on, It seems like your fragrance never leaves my nostrils, and wherever I go, it follows me around.

Make me sane once again please! It happens to be the long awaited feeling I was eager to meet.

I cannot abandon your thought for a while, and here they wanted to get me married!

It troubles me whenever I consider someone else would be next to me, on which place I want your shadows to fill at least.

What kind of love is this? Why is it so confusing and complicated?

#krsnapreyashi #justthinking

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