Why butterflies only live 14 days
Why butterflies only live 14 days romance stories

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Reverie is just euphoria taken to an extreme. The barely lit club had neon signs that gave Gang some sort of sadness .

Why butterflies only live 14 days

Reverie is just euphoria taken to an extreme.

The barely lit club had neon signs that gave Gang some sort of sadness .

The hostile cold street that sheltered the night life of a big city just made her even more unsure of what to feel about the whole situation .

It was a company meeting , which was strange , given the fact that it was her company , yet she had no idea about this party until a few hours ago .

She could have lived her life without knowing about it though,she didn't exactly want to go , but maybe , the natural instinct of survival made her feel the need to get out of her room ,

it felt like she was just going to die if she was to stay there even one more minute , the party was just a pretext for her to try and feel alive .

Her hands were shaking as she entered the building.

It wasn't stress,it wasn't nervousness, Gang felt like a drunk person trying to walk in a straight line , although she did not drink and she could , actually , walk in a straight line .

Taking off her gloves , she looked at her bony hands , her veins looked like the ones of a heroin addict and for the first time in a long time she worried about how she looked ,

at least by her hands, she looked ill.

Gang also took off her jacket ,the pills in her pocket made a small sound when she walked , and she was paranoid , not that she'll be found out about her addiction ,

but the fact that maybe they will take them from her .

It wasn't as bad as heroin , but as any other addiction on any kind of substance , it was bad enough .

For a moment Gang tried to remember a happier time , she had some happy times , but they were overshadowed by the bad ones , or maybe just by the pain killer fumes going through her mind .

This thing started quite some time ago , but Gang couldn't say when for sure , the last few years of her life were vague ,she couldn't even remember her birthday , and honestly ,

it felt less sad not remembering it .

Looking around , she couldn't find any of her coworkers , even as she walked around for a bit . She didn' like it even one bit .

It was quite a small pub , with two levels , but she knew for a fact that the stuff happening on the other level , if it implied her teammates , she would have rather not see it .

Of course it was sex work , which she didn't condamn , although clearly not in the position where she would have to require to the last solution to live ,

she could see why getting some nice coins off of doing sex work was totally fine .

It was a job , you did your job , you got paid , and sometimes she thought about the college students that had to get money somehow .

Gang walked up to the bar eventually .

Was there really any meaning in her trying to find her coworkers? No , she only needed an excuse for which she shouldn't care that much ,and getting drunk sounded like a great idea .

Gang always liked alcohol , it was soothing , and bitter , and it made your insides burn just the right amount to get you going .

It was quite packed in there , and it took the bartender quite a while to get to her , but it was fine , she had all the time in the world and she wasn't the kind of person to nag the workers ,

it would be embarassing , plus she didn't need attention on her , just alcohol.

When the small shot glass was finally done ,Gang quietly thanked the server , he looked over worked and kind of stressed , since it was the most crowded time of the night .

Given the fact that Gang gave up quite quickly on finding any of her acquintances , she took the shot glass and walked to a more

reserved place she saw while waiting for the drink , it was a small couch somewhere in a darker corner .

The taste of the alcohol made her relax down on the couch.She could finally dream with her eyes wide open .

Selling your body was nerver fun , at least for Woojin .

It's not like he was doing it because he wanted to , although , there were people on this world that were doing it as their dream job ,

but at the same time there were lots that were doing it out of necessity.

And it moments like these , he regretted everything , looking back at simpler times , he wish he could be a kid again .

Woojin has been doing this for three years , three very lonely years.Three years in which he also had time to think about all the thing he could have been doing instead of this .

He could have had a lover , but he had thrown that out the window the moment he decided to share his body for money ,

it wasn't that he thought that people like him couldn't be loved or have relationships while actively doing their job - it's just that ,

who would want an apple somebody else already took a bite from?

He doubted that anyone would love him , so he clutched to any small physical attenttion he got from anyone .

A hug?A shake of the hand? He was so desperate for anything that resembled a human connection that he sometimes got worried for his well being.

His job was quite simple , he firstly had to go to the bar and find someone that looked lonely or that had money or a big ego for him to stroke and get some coins from it .

Try and get their attenttion , be flirty , be nice , fake being interested in them .Woojin was a pretty good looking guy , quite lean and athletic with a handsome face .

Yet he was the definition of what you wouldn't want your daughter to bring home : he had tattoos covering his arms and back and an extremely small cross on his cheek under his birthmarks .

At least that much he didn't regret . So as he was sitting at the bar , his dark brown eyes gazed around people .It looked like there was nobody that he could leech onto .

And he was ready to give up and just go home , in his small apartment and probably watch some bad tv program.

But then he spotted the person that , if he knew it would change his life , he would have never believe it.

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