"Perfect Sync" by Prince Obediah
"Perfect Sync"
by Prince Obediah button poetry stories

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"Perfect Sync" by Prince Obediah

"Perfect Sync" by Prince Obediah

We are syncing.

We are not sinking like "s-i-n-k-i-n-g"

but we are syncing like "s-y-n-c-i-n-g".

Because we are in sync.

Two hands holding each other,

...fingers interlocking like they've thrown away the key and they're never going to unlock.

Yes, we are in sync.

It's like we always had this invisible link.

It's like we always had this invisible connection!

Connection...connection like,

opening the wifi-connection.

Putting the password-connection.

Pressing OK-connection.

Obtaining IP address,

obtaining IP address ...connected!

Okay maybe it's not so much like a wifi connection

but it's more like a spiritual connection.

More like someone had the compelling idea to compose a complete story of our lives,

and that despite our commanding highs

and our complicated lows,

we could completely complement each other's company.

But then again we are also sinking.

Sinking like diving in,

head first into each other's worlds.

Going so deep and so fast that I'm feeling like Aquaman returning back to Atlantis.

It's like we are sinking into a quicksand.

The more we fight for each other

the faster we are sinking into each other's worlds.

May we not lose this sync.

It's not like we believed in it on the first blink.

But it's actually way more than that.

It's actually something deeper

and I'm only saying this because I know you are a keeper.

So may the power that brought us together

harmonize the symphony of ours spirits,

synchronize the steps of our journey,

and materialize the wildest of our dreams...

...as we are led to continue our walk...




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