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She's a wild flower, Beautiful, mysterious,


She's a wild flower,

Beautiful, mysterious,

Dangerous and tender.

Her face is like pearls of the water

That beautifies the sea bed

She's like the blue sea;

Calm and alluring,

Deep and dangerous, with

untamed creatures and unfound treasures.

She attracts bees to her pollen,

Till many men at her feet are fallen.

She's like a black box

with glaring white inside

in beautiful symphony.

Fine bones like old rock,

Well chiselled like the pyramids,

Firm moulds like soft clouds

crested on two layers of her chest

in perfect geometry,

Shielding her tender yet strong heart

She's like Napoleon;

Conquering her world head's on,

She's like Solomon;

Her wits shine like the sun.

Intricate fingers like petals,

Delicate like the racing tendrils

On a bamboo standing on fertile soil.

Like fresh rain on dry sand;

Her smile refreshes all

Her aura is anti-gravity;

Your mood can't fall when she's near

Ivory skin adorned in sapphire

Cool as winter and hot as summer fire

She's like moonshine; Gleaming

She's like sunshine; Glowing

For computer Science students

Her meals' like parity;

No error in taste transmittion.

She's like NDA (Non Deterministic Automata)

You can't predict her next mood.

She's an assembler;

She plays with your memory

till you spell your name as eax..

She's like a loop;

*For* once you enter, you don't know

what else to *do while* in her block

till you fufill her conditions.

She is a woman

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